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My internet income dream started when I retired from a working lifelong business in 2013 at the age of seventy-five. This was a business that I had sown the seeds of some forty-six years earlier.

Getting Started With an Online Business

When I retired I didn’t know very much about computers but with supreme, but perhaps misplaced confidence, I decided I would look into and get involved in thAll about me.e internet income marketing space. Well, hadn’t I had a working lifetime experience in the traditional sales arena?

I felt that if I could learn to create an online income I could help others down the same path.

I very quickly found that there were a vast array of technical skills that I lacked.

It would be necessary to acquire these if online internet income success was to be achieved.

I mean, I had to learn to use a computer effectively. Consequently, I  needed to learn skills like computer management, internet marketing,  website management, list building,  lead magnets, article writing, the list goes on and on.

I became affiliated with free programs like SFI, Tripleclicks, and IBO.

By working steadily in these programs my skillsets have started to grow.

To develop article writing skills I purchased material from Charlie Page a  well known professional online marketing veteran who writes superb articles.

Finding A Mentor And Or Coach

At present, I am working with a marvelous on-line mentor. He is helping me to further develop my skills and at the same time to lay the groundwork for my internet income marketing business success.

I cannot stress sufficiently the value of coaching or mentoring.

This will help the achievement of steady online progress.

Helping Others with an internet income dream.

I am excited that as my skills grow I will be able to help others down the internet income dream path.

Achieving success on your own is very difficult.

I encourage you to contact me if you have any issues that you wish to discuss.

Or, maybe you just want to start a relationship with another internet income-oriented person.

It is better to deal with issues in the company of similar minded people rather than waste hours trying to do so on your own.


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