An exciting and rewarding day trip.


An exciting and rewarding day trip was enjoyed by my wife and myself, our two granddaughters and their parents.


We spent a most enjoyable day exploring some geographic wonders in the Greater Bendigo area.

We thank our daughter’s partner for driving us all to see the Metcalfe Cascades, Turpins Falls Kyneton and Trentham Falls

These were spectacular wonders although the accompanying pictures do not do them justice.


We refreshed ourselves on the way home with a stop in Daylesford.

Coffees for the oldies and wedges all around which we all found to be very tasty.


We continued on from Daylesford through Newstead and then Maldon and finally back to Maiden Gully.

All the tramping up and down left me very weary and I subsequently enjoyed a very sound night’s sleep


Our homeschooled granddaughters have plenty of material to form the basis for future learning lessons.


It was a great family outing and an exciting and rewarding day trip.


Where we went.

Metcalfe Cascades where we went first.

Metcalfe Cascades: Glenn Daniels.

Jan P in Trip Advisor says, “The Cascades are easily accessible a short distance from the small parking area.

It’s possible to get really close to the river safely.

Very pleasant to walk through the nearby bushland in perfect solitude.

The best time to visit would be at the end of winter/early spring as, according to the locals, there’s little chance of water during summer and autumn.

There are no facilities on site – they’re a hidden gem in this beautiful part of Australia and only 35 minutes from Castlemaine.”

I say well worth the visit


Turpins Falls where we went next

In Fresh Water Swimming Holes it was stated Turpins Falls is a large billabong with a high rock wall on three sides.

The pool itself is larger than an Olympic swimming pool, and archives show that it was home to the Turpins Falls swimming club back in the 1930s before municipal swimming pools came into vogue.

It has also been a popular cliff diving location, but after a spate of recent deaths and severe head/spinal injuries, Parks Victoria has prohibited the practice. Low visibility in the water means that it is impossible to see underwater hazards and further deaths and injuries from jumping/diving would be difficult to prevent.


Turpins Falls


Trentham Falls where we went last.

Trentham Falls

In Visit Victoria had this to say.

Turpins Falls is Victoria’s highest single-drop waterfall.

It was formed some five million years ago by molten lava rapidly cooling as it flowed along the old Coliban River valley.

Trentham Falls plunges 32 meters over basalt columns onto the quartz gravel below.

Deep in the Wombat State Forest, this moss-covered wonderland is especially magical in winter when every sleek rock and fern frond drips with water.


We say thank you to our family for an exciting and rewarding day trip exploring the notable cascades and falls in the Metcalfe, Kyneton and Trentham area.

We certainly look forward to the next day trip they take us on.




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