Being Cool Is An Art Form.

Being Cool

Being cool is something we hear a lot of these days and we often hear someone saying “you’re cool man” or “cool it” or “that’s a cool way to do it”.

When I hear someone talk about being cool I straight away think of Mr. Cool himself of TV fame.

The screen Mr Cool was Henry Winkler who played the role of Arthur Henry Fonzarelli in the American Sitcom TV show Happy Days.

Known as The Fonze he was able to exhibit a wonderful degree of being cool and his well known come back phrase when things were hotting up was “sit on it”



Being Cool

.In 1999 TV Guide  ranked him number 4 on its 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list and The Fonze appeared in all 255 episodes.



Being cool is adopting a certain charisma.

Eric Barker wrote back in 2014 ( )

“If you’re a leader, or aspire to be one, charisma matters.

It gives you a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the very best talent.

It makes people want to work with you, your team, and your company.

Research shows that those following charismatic leaders perform better, experience their work as more meaningful, and have more trust in their leaders than those following effective but non charismatic leaders”.

The starting point for projecting charisma is being cool.



Some being cool tips

Eric Barker suggested the following tips for being cool.

1/ Less is more; don’t try too hard.

2/ Project confidence. Tell yourself that you have confidence and simply act the way you think a confident person acts.

3/ Be Aware of the rules but sometime break them if it benefits you.

4/ Focus on attitude and body language will develop naturally.

5/ Cool isn’t always the coolest and remember there isn’t a single perfect way to be.

Each one of these tips is something you do to achieve a cool result.

Coolness is not necessarily something that you are born with; it is a state of being that can both be learned, practiced and improved.

I am reminded of this quote: anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice.

In our online business lives we should start with being cool but graduate to being awesome if we want to reach the great heights of business achievement.

I suggest standing out from the crowd by being cool initially  but eventually leading the pack by being awesome.


“The art of being cool” conclusion

Coolness is not something we are born with and can be developed with practice.

There are role models for us to imitate.

We should aim to grow from cool to awesome as we seek success in any venture.












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