SFI & Tripleclicks are my long term business choice.

Business Choice

SFI & Tripleclicks are my long term business  choice for some very good reasons. Overnight, short term   success seemed to be distinctly unlikely. I came to this conclusion after twelve months of trying a large number of online opportunities. My previous business experience guided my thinking. I decided that I would  need to give thought  to establishing a business that was founded upon solid principles. These were  product excellence, service reliability, effective marketing.

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Product Excellence Helps Determine Business Choice.

In traditional business, unless you are a franchised operation you have to select the product that you sell. This involves  using and market testing the product.

In the case of the SFI&Tripleclicks combination affiliates have access to a wide range of products. There is, in fact, more than 90,000 products  available for marketing. Unlike traditional business, it is not necessary to purchase the product at wholesale prices before having the product available to sell. You market the product and upon purchase, the product is drop shipped to the customer. The customer pays before drop shipping occurs, the clearinghouse pays the affiliate and the balance is paid to the supplier.

It should be noted that at no time is there any financial risk to the affiliate. The financial and product quality responsibility lies with Tripleclicks which acts as the clearing house. Even so, a diligent merchandiser will always ascertain the quality of the product before offering it to his customers.

Service Reliability Helps Determine Business Choice.

Service reliability was the next major consideration for my research. How long had the business of SFI & Tripleclicks been in operation. A longer track record would seem to indicate that the general public was satisfied with their performance. I found that SFI commenced in 1998 and their associated online merchant house Tripleclicks was launched in 2009. The longest running online companies commenced in the early 1900’s and so SFI was not far behind the early starters. Longevity does not necessarily establish overall current stability. However, it is certainly an indicator that activities are producing reasonable results.


Marketing Effectiveness Helps Determine Business Choice.

Marketing effectiveness is largely determined by the SFI & Tripleclicks affiliate himself. The affiliate needs to know how to market. If he has little or no experience in this area there is a substantial training library within SFI. First,  under the toolbar tab of  Training the drop-down menu  has an Internet Income section . This provides the guidelines for undertaking  the necessary marketing activities. Secondly, in support of this, there are appropriate marketing tools in the marketing  main toolbar tab. Lastly, if further support is necessary, there is a very useful forum to which affiliates can turn for additional assistance. All of this is of considerable assistance in helping the affiliate establish an online business.


My Long Term Business Choice Conclusion.

Choosing a long-term business platform is a serious decision and one to approach with considerable caution. I made my choice after considering product excellence, service reliability, and marketing effectiveness  I concluded that the combination of the marketing arm of SFI and merchant house Tripleclicks would perfectly suit my long term business purposes and in 2013 I became an SFI & Tripleclicks affiliate. This has been the start of a considerable learning journey




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