Doing Right Thing For Success.

Doing the right thing for success

Doing the right thing for success is  always  one of the elements for developing  individually and also growing a successful long term business organization.

Many might say that at the moment they are a one man business and how does this affect them?

Well it does in a big way. To grow from a one man operation to a many man empire it will be necessary to develop a loyal customer base. A loyal customer base is built on trust. Trust is earned over time. To build trust it helps to be recognized as always doing the right thing.


Doing Right Thing For Success

Consider what Mind Tools has to say.

To lead your team with character and integrity, you must set an example. You’re the leader, remember? Your team looks to you. To begin, you must know your own values as well as your organization’s values.

Hopefully, your company has clear rules about how it wants team members to act. As a leader, it’s up to you to know these rules and codes of conduct – and to make sure you enforce them.

Your personal values  are also important. If the company’s written rules don’t say that you must be fair to everyone, but this value is important to you – then, of course, you’re going to be fair.

Good leaders follow their personal values as well as organizational values .

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What standards of behavior are really important to my company?
  • What specific values do I admire in certain leaders? Do I identify with those values?
  • Would I still live by those values, even if they put me at a competitive disadvantage?


What is Doing  Right Thing For Success?

This is discussed in detail in the following article.

1. Is the word “right” subjective or objective? Is it based on the situation, a personage or values?
2. Is it easier to find the right time than it is to choose the right thing or the right reason? If so, why?
3. Assuming that this is a workable definition of ethics, what would a different order of the “rights” and why, i.e. might it be right reason, then right thing and then the right time?


The purpose for this type of discernment is to come to an understanding that to truly embrace the process of thinking ethically. This process is one that needs a greater commitment, ongoing training and organization wide implementation.
To know the right thing to do at the right time for the right reason is a challenging and sometime daunting task. But for those who embrace the value of ethical thinking and behaving ethically, it is a non negotiable. It is the process of this type of thinking we need to embrace with resources and budgets.
But let’s be clear on the purpose. The purpose of instilling the process of thinking ethically is to decrease the odds of something unethically going wrong. It cannot guarantee there will be zero incidents, any more than compliance training can guarantee no compliance lapses. The more ethical thinking is the focus of training, the more it doesn’t make a difference on the order of the three “rights”.


Developing Our Core Values

Core values and principles can sustain and inspire you during challenging times, and the more you practice and embody them, the more likely you are to become a wiser leader.

Wise leaders view all people as having natural gifts, and that it is important to help them grow. What’s more, supporting and valuing people encourages them to do more for you and for the organization.



We  should all genuinely be doing the right thing. This will help us grow and develop as individuals and also as organizations. We need to be clear on our core values. and express these to others. Our business will reflect these values. Do this consistently and success will follow.








embody them, the more likely you are to become a wiser leader


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