Effort needed for internet income success

We are reviewing the impact of four elements in relation to achieving internet income  success:

  • Time available

  • Work effort

  • Existing knowledge

  • Financial resources

We have considered the impact of time available and next we consider the important

element of work effort required.

Most of us know almost by instinct that success does not arrive by accident

Understand the  effort needed to achieve internet

income success.

In analysing the impact of effort in achieving internet income success it is important to appreciate the relationship between time effort and time duration. The effort required to complete a task is the actual number of hours we need to spend focused on the actual task to get the job done. Duration, on the other hand spans from when the task was first started and when it is absolutely complete. Consider the baking of a cake. It might take an hour to prepare the ingredients, place them in the mixing bowl, pour into the baking tray and then to place into the oven. Now it might bake for an hour and a half in the oven. So we can now say that making the cake took two and a half hours but in personal effort the time required was one hour. This important difference between time effort and time duration is discussed in the following http://mybusinesstoolbox.com/blogs/brenda-crompton/understand-effort-vs-duration-task-management-your-business

The impact of commitment

As is the case with everything in life if you work hard enough at a goal and stay committed, you can achieve almost anything. Most of the time the only reason we fail at something is because we didn’t put in the effort required. Of course there are exceptions but for the most part you have the power to determine any outcome in your life. In the world of body building if you want to be big and strong with low body fat then with the right preparation and determination, you can do it. Effort or the amount of it is what holds people back and this is explored in http://blog.nutrex.com/blogs/2012/your-effort-determines-your-success/

The value of full effort

Personal effort is very important in life and in business. If you have a problem try working harder and the problem will probably dissolve of its own accord. We normally believe that putting out a certain amount of physical effort will produce a commensurate result. There is also another perspective. It is that if we give in to life and make the necessary full effort — expending all of our energies — life will take over and complete the work in no time Whenever you work hard, more work, more money, and new opportunities are likely to fly your way in the days that follow — often arriving from the most unexpected sources. So as situations arise, consider where you can make a greater effort. Then take up that work in full. Thereafter, notice if life supports your effort with sudden good fortune. Explore this further in the following: http://www.gurusoftware.com/GuruNet/KnowledgeBase/Personal/AchievingLife/Effort.htm Focus for wider success

Focusing your effort for wider work success

It is extremely difficult in this busy domestic and work environment to concentrate on any one task or activity. In fact research suggests that you can build up an attention residue that impacts later ltasks. If you are working on a task that is causing difficulty and move on to another task which has difficulties also your attention becomes fragmented. Attention fragmentation is reduced if we move within tasks within the same work environment (project) and research suggests you in fact can become even more productive if doing this. Further research suggests that taking a break from a task can help productivity.

This is explored in the following article which also lists five tips for increasing focus:


Effort versus success ratio

Where are you when it comes to effort versus success?  So where are you on the effort-success chart, where will you be in two or three years and do you have clear intention?


In summary in this article when considering  effort we observed the need to

differentiate between time effort needed to complete a task and the time duration of

the total task, the impact of commitment, the value of full effort, the need to

focus for wider success and a requirement to understand the effort versus

success ratio.

As you gain a clear understanding of these issues and apply the learning you

will experience a rise in your success rate and that is what we are looking for.

In our next article we will consider  the effect of a person’s existing

knowledge base.


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