How To Advertise For Profit And Growth

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We have all heard the slogan “it pays to advertise”.

In the 1931 film “It Pays To Advertise” to prove his thesis that any product–even one that doesn’t exist–can be merchandised if it is advertised properly, a young man gets together with his father’s savvy secretary to market a non-existent laundry soap.

From this beginning grew the popular business slogan “It pays to Advertise”

In business one of the prerequisite skills is that of advertising

Advertising can be divided broadly into two categories: Free & paid.


Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience…. Wikipedia

Google says,” Millions of advertisers compete for ad space. That means more money, more relevant ads, and more ad spaces filled”.

“Mobile is built into AdSense. Responsive ad units automatically adapt to different screen sizes so you can create a great user experience and continue to earn revenue when people view your site on a smartphone or tablet”.

Quickly create, run, and analyze A/B experiments without changing your code. AdSense Experiments lets you compare one of your ad settings against a variation to see which performs better.

“View up-to-date information about your AdSense account while browsing in Chrome. Get a snapshot of your earnings and site performance right from the toolbar, as well as ad overlays that offer in-page reporting and blocking controls”.

To achieve this you will need to install the Google Adsense ToolBar.

To get started it will be necessary to sign up for a free Adsense account.–pANVlEfHJ0G3oaAmANEALw_wcB#/

You should be aware that Adsense has a lot of content restrictions like:

Adult content, Dangerous or derogatory content, Recreational drugs and drug-related content, Alcohol-related content, Tobacco-related content, Gambling and games-related content, Healthcare-related content, Hacking and cracking content, Pages that offer compensation programs, Misrepresentative content, Shocking content, Weapon-related content, Content that enables dishonest behavior, Illegal content


Steve McCardell,

Steve McCardell is head of Educational Content at LinkedIn. He also has a website called Opportunity Course. He notes that he is just inviting you to make use of his content to improve your chances of doing well with a home business that you can actually enjoy.

Steve will offer you when you visit his site  the opportunity to subscribe to his FREE 2-Week Course on Growing Your Network Marketing Business

He suggests using three to four safelists and provides the following options:

ListBonusBweebleSpeedy Traffic MailerAdChiever.

To the above, I would add Sotam which boasts unsurpassed click rates that promise to explode your email marketing abilities to the fullest potential possible with Button Escalation which is a new proprietary system that promises to allow you to reach thousands of people.


Facebook Ads

Larry Alton in Small Business ( says, “Most small businesses take advantage of Facebook because it’s a free way to promote a business”. You can, however, progress to Paid Facebook advertising which Larry says is “ridiculously easy to use, and you’ll have the opportunity to narrow your target audience down until you identify precisely the most valuable candidates available. What’s even better is that Facebook ads are inexpensive and flexible”.


You can advertise your presence on LinkedIn at no cost by simply making regular posts. You can progress to paid advertising and the amount you pay to advertise on LinkedIn is up to you. “You can get started with any budget and stop your ads at any time. LinkedIn ads are sold through an auction. When you run ads, you compete with other advertisers who want to reach a similar target” offers LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.


 e above is sufficient to get started with free or relatively low-cost advertising and remember the important proviso: it is necessary to be regular and consistent.




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