Target Market for Marketing Success .

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It is estimated by Internet World Stats that there are more than three billion internet users in the world    world2014pie.png   but  the real question is who is your target market ?                                 

To sell your product efficiently it is necessary to select those people most likely to be receptive to your story

In other words you should attempt to define your target market.

Wikipedia (   defines A target market as a group of customers towards which a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise.[1]

Think about total, served and target market as the starting place for defining and refining your market.  


Another perspective

Another  perspective in relation to target marketing  is discussed in an Entrepreneur article at

Their Target market definition: A specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services

In simple terms your target customers are those who are most likely to buy from you.

You should try to describe them with as much detail as you can and here are some questions for getting started:

  • Gender?

  • Age?

  • Where do they live?

  • How do they earn an income?

  • How much money do they make?

  • What other aspects of their lives matter?

Some further categories to consider

  • Generational marketing, which defines consumers not just by age, but also by social, economic, demographic and psychological factors

  • Cohort marketing, which studies groups of people who underwent the same experiences during their formative years. This leads them to form a bond and behave differently from people in different cohorts, even when they’re similar in age. For instance, people who were young adults in the 50s behave differently from people who came of age during the tumultuous 60s,

  • Life stages, or what people are doing at a certain time in life (getting married, having children, retiring)

  • Physiographics, or physical conditions related to age (nearsightedness, arthritis, menopause).

A different six steps to consider in setting out to define your target market.

Marketingdonut uses some different criteria for target marketing: 

  1. Understand the problems that you solve:
  2. Paint a picture of the customer
  3. Who will gain from the value in your offer?
  4. Think about your market
  5. Look internally
  6. What else is available?

A further perspective


  • In defining your target market for creating internet income ask yourself why you chose this particular business, who your products/services are meant for, who you want to do business with, and what is unique about your product.
  • Verify that there are enough potential customers in your target group to support your business and that you are providing a service that is actually needed.
  • Create a customer profile which describes your customer as clearly as you can.


In summary as an affiliate marketer trying to create an internet income stream you should

  • Know why you chose this business
  • Understand the problems that you solve
  • Clarify the value that you offer
  • Determine your client profile: age, gender, location, employment, income level, etc

The better that you define your target market the more likely you will be in placing your advertising in areas that will be successful in attracting clients to your product or business.



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