Article Writing: A Simple Guide For Beginners.

Article Writing For Beginners

Article writing is a popular way of building a following. Anyone can write effective articles if they follow some simple guidelines. These are straight forward and widely known but are set out in the following notes to help  beginners.

Article Writing: The General Requirements

To be successful in business we are told we should be clear on our “why“. This is so that we have direction. This is also so that we hold steady during turbulent periods. It follows that this is just as true when we write articles. Be sure to know the reason why you are writing your article. Is it to inform, to educate or to entertain? Whatever the purpose be clear about it so that the reader is not left in any doubt. This article for example is intended to educate beginners about article writing.

Addressing the needs of your audience is very important. Show that you are aware of what your audience is looking for. Those who visit this blog are mainly looking for ideas to create an online income source. Blogging can be one way of doing this. Blogging involves article writing and if you have a blog you will need to post articles regularly. Therefore it is intended that this article will give you some simple pointers to get you started

Research is essential. Look for facts that might be little known. Look at the topic from a unique angle. Gather information to help support the overall goal of the article. Build an information base upon which to draw as the article progresses. This will help the development and flow of the final article.

Article Writing: The Basics

Prepare an article outline in Notepad as follows:

  • Heading: this should aim to capture attention and interest.
  • Introductory paragraph: to further arouse interest and point the direction the article is going to take
  • Several paragraphs in the middle( note the topics) to further develop the theme of the article.
  • A concluding summary paragraph to wrap up the article and perhaps suggest further available resources

Now you are ready to write your article. Keep it simple. Use short sentences. Stay on track with the main purpose clearly in mind. Develop your main topic  in the middle paragraphs. In no time  you will have completed your article. Remember to go back over your article. Edit and revision is to sort out any errors and to check spelling,  punctuation and grammar. If needed you can access spelling and grammar checkers.

It can help to learn the components of the following acronym:

  • C    Collect ideas
  • O    Order and Organize information
  • D    Draft: header, introductory paragraph, development paragraphs, concluding paragraph
  • E    Edit
  • R    Revise

Article Writing: Conclusion

You are now ready to get your article writing underway. Remember the CODER steps. Use Notepad to prepare your outline draft. List your Heading , introductory paragraph, development paragraphs and concluding paragraph. Now you are in a position to enjoy writing your finished article which you will edit and revise. You will find it interesting to read the following: Try to write three five hundred word articles each week as you go through the beginners learning curve. In no time you will gain proficiency and thoroughly enjoy the process and develop as an article writer.

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