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It is said that knowledge is power but it would be more accurate to say applied knowledge is power and we should apply this to growing an on line business income and say applied knowledge is internet income power.

Three important  areas of knowledge that will affect your business growth

The mind set required                                                                                             A reliable source of knowledge                                                                               Lead generation

Mind set

Is your mind open to receiving new knowledge? 

If your mind is not receptive to new ideas you will find it difficult to move your business forward.

Can you see yourself in command of a successful on-line business?

All success starts in the mind.

Just as your computer data base needs a regular cleanse so too does your mind.

There is a free program available that does just that at                    by studying the internationally recognised book by Napoleon Hill  “Think and Grow Rich”  studying a chapter weekly.

When you go to  home page you will need to follow  instructions as follows

Simple Registration:
The Admin must approve Your Registration.
You MUST enter Your REAL First [space] Last Name as Your Username when You register.

The Mental Cleanse will set you up for applied internet income success and when you have your mind optimally programmed you can start to take in the appropriate knowledge.

Knowledge source

Part of that knowledge will be to have a good understanding of attraction or inbound marketing concepts

To get a good grasp of the basics you could consider completing the Hubspot Academy free training at

The Inbound Certification is made up of twelve classes that you can watch on demand and at your own pace. To help you master the topic, each class includes additional resources that dig further into the topic, a self-check quiz, and a transcript of each video if you prefer to read along.

Lead generation

Now that you have a good understanding of attraction marketing basics you will need to develop your lead generation skills.

To do this I suggest another free resource which has been put together by one of the internet marketing industry’s truly outstanding gurus.

Vic Strizheus falls into the genius category and now is paying it back by way of free material for those interested.

As an introduction to Vic Strizheus visit here                                 ‘Total Domination Engineering‘ .

and then register for his free training training video “which many are calling the most anticipated training series ever created “.

This is where you register:

If you get your mind set right, access the appropriate basic knowledge and get  lead generation happening  you will find that applied knowledge is internet income power

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