Internet Income problems

There are some significant internet income problems awaiting the budding business entrepreneur as the development of an internet income is pursued.
Thousands of people scattered around the globe get excited daily just dreaming about the  prospect of developing an on line internet income.
There is no shortage of advertising promising overnight , almost  instant wealth but we have to ask  whether this is realistic. Can some guru be believed when he holds out the prospect of extraordinary wealth derived from internet income and then advises that this largesse is available at the miserly cost of $37?.
Given such generosity the world should be full of millionaires if such offers were genuine. Sadly this is not the case. There is much more involved.
To make the really big internet income dollars  will involve growing an Internet business. But is that really for you?
Before traveling the business entrepreneurial roller coaster path you will need to consider all the requirements attendant upon such a course.
At the outset there will be a requirement to turn up daily for work. This will be no free ride. Effort will need to be put in. Internet income success does not arrive at the doorstep of those who simply raise their hands to receive it. Disciplined actions on a daily basis will be required if business success is to be chiseled out of the granite like rock of opportunity.
Attention will have to be given to a diverse range of business activities often demanding high levels of skill in areas that the entrepreneur may have had  little or no training.
These include the following:
Budgeting. Just as no family survives if it cannot learn to survive on less money than it brings in so to must a business be able to survive by spending less than the income it manages to generate. This is no easy task as  income levels often experience wild variations on a moth to month basis.
Accounting. Many private citizens get by without having to worry too much about matters of accounting but for businesses this is an area fraught by much danger. There are regulations to be met particularly so once employees are brought into the business.Personal tax will have to be met as well as BAS returns completed to meet GST requirements. Superannuation contributions will have to be made and work care cover will need to be in place.
Marketing.A shop front or a website is of little value unless it is being visited by prospective customers. It is the role of the marketing person to ensure that a steady stream of possible buyers  visits the site on a regular basis.
Sales. We don’t want a stream of site visitors. we need to convert these visitors into customers by making sales. “What?” I hear you saying ” I am no salesman” Well the sad truth is that you will need to complete a fast track course in salesmanship because the success of your business will depend on sales made regularly and consistently.
Hiring employees. “what?”  I again hear you say. “I know nothing about hiring and managing employees. And anyway I won’t need employees. Well perhaps you will need to stop and re-consider. It may become tedious to do all the daily tasks required to keep the budding business on a stable footing.
customer service. Perhaps for the first time you will be required to listen to buyer complaints and find satisfactory solutions that appease all parties. there is no getting away from it as businesses do not operate in a vacuum and the pressures of social interaction will be in full play.
So there it is; seven skill areas that the budding entrepreneur will need to draw upon if the planned business is to succeed .
These points are not raised with the intention of dissuading any one from starting an Internet  business but they have been discussed to high light some of the internet income problems that should be given due consideration before proceeding.
I wish for you every success in your chosen internet income business venture.
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