Internet Income Success Footprints

Internet Income Success Footprints

Internet income success footprints is a simple strategy for learning to create online income which is the goal of many who visit this site. This article is not an overnight success magic formula claim. It is, however, an outline of three simple stages that you may pass through in an online income development journey. Walk in the path of the following simple internet income footprints. You can then expect internet income success to follow. Dedication,  discipline, and consistency will be required. When you look back, however,you will deem this effort to be well worth while.

Internet Income Success Footprints One: Know Your “Why”.

Be certain “why” you are engaged in online activities because this will help your enthusiasm and determination. It could be that you want to enjoy a vacation and get away from it all. Maybe your choice is to upgrade the car or the family home. It might be that you are looking to replace your current income. Whatever your choices they should form the basis of your dream. You should then proceed to build your dream and goals to a level of white hot desire.

But a warning: don’t just dream about personal needs and wants. Remember what Napoleon Hill said, “You can have anything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”. You will need other people involved if you wish to build a substantial online income. To involve other people firstly focus on their needs, wants and desires. Be sure to build this into your dreams and goals.

Once you have your dreams, goals, and desires at a white-hot level practice visualization. Your mind’s eye should see you already arrived at your dream destination . You should focus your visualization of this dream. Do this when you awaken in the morning. Carry this out again in the middle of the day. Perform this visualization yet again when you retire. This regular and consistent visualization of your “why” should become a well-practiced habit. A habit that comes easily to the fore when called upon. The result will be strong and unwavering personal motivation.

Internet Income Success Footprints Two: Attract Traffic.

To attract traffic (people, visitors)  you will need to advertise. When you advertise you will want somewhere for the visitors to go. You may use a stand-alone landing page or you may use a page on your website. Whatever arrival place you adopt you will need to advertise for visitors . The advertising should be all about them. At this stage, they don’t want to know about your product. They want to know how you can help them.

When you advertise you will have the option of using paid and free ads. In the early stages, you should use free advertising. Do this until you have a good understanding of advertising principles and expected results. To do otherwise will expose you to unnecessary and unprofitable cost. Aim to master no cost advertising strategies and as success grows you can scale up your activities and  expand to paid advertising.

As you attract visitors  you will need to know where they are coming from. this means you will need to know how to use keycodes. Furthermore, you will need to use a spreadsheet to record your results. In this way, you can compare results and eliminate those that are not performing.

Free advertising that I use:,

Internet income Success Footprints Three: Convert Traffic.

Your objective should be to build relationships. You need to show that you understand their situation. If you have successfully built an empathetic relationship, uncovered a pain point and explained a solution you are in the process of developing followers. It is important to maintain their interest. Some of these followers will purchase your product now. Others may purchase down the track if you continue to show interest in their situation. Still, others may never become customers. This is simply a fact of life.

How do you maintain their interest? Ask in-depth questions. Use questionnaires and surveys. Do this in your  follow up emails. Promote the dream enthusiastically. As long as they feel some pain, can see the end result and believe you can help them get there, they will follow you.

As time goes by your leadership skills will develop. You will become proficient at finding the pain point in others. Subsequently, you will empathise with their situation. Eventually, they will ask that you provide (sell) them your solution.

Internet Income Success Footprints: Conclusion

No need to reinvent the wheel. Follow the above internet income success footprints. Know your “why”. Attract others. Convert traffic. Yes, it takes effort and focus.  Subsequently, in the future, you will look back and applaud yourself for having the foresight and discipline to follow these simple strategies. I wish for you every success and if you have any queries please contact me.




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