Is The Need For Immediate Gratification A Curse?



We all experience from time to time the desire
for immediate gratification.

Perhaps when we are out shopping the thought of a refreshing coffee jumps into our mind.

We pass a coffee shop and immediately
we  wheel in                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and order our coffee

When we arrive home feeling a little tired we flop in our recliner and grab the remote.

In seconds we are watching the program
of our choice.

So when it comes to our business desires
we are expecting the same
instant fulfillment.

It doesn’t happen and we blame everything
except for our desire
for immediate gratification.

In fact, we are becoming a community
who cannot bear to wait
for anything.

We are losing touch with the value of
searching waiting and hoping.

This need for immediate gratification is a curse
and one which we should do well
to be rid of.

If we do not we may find ourselves
in debt, surrounded by clutter, reduced to poor health,
coping with distractions,
and in a state of constant mindlessness.

Ridding ourselves of the immediate gratification curse

We can rid ourselves of this curse
if we proceed by taking
small daily steps.

For example
taking a little more time with our daily exercise,
taking care of our diet,
exercising control over our media involvement,
stepping away from our media
from time to time,
and reducing our addiction to retail therapy.

This will help build our ability to focus
this can be then brought to bear
on all our significant goals.

We can satisfy our customers need for immediate gratification

Neil Patel in Entrepreneur Network
“With respect to a human’s hardwired tendency
to want gratification,
digital marketers can deliver
in an effective way”.

You can think of many digital ways to do this like
giving a report or perhaps an ebook,
or maybe a video.

But he offers a warning:
” The desire for instant gratification
doesn’t stop once the customer gets something.
Instant gratification begets instant gratification”.

In other words,
once you give your customers
some level of instant gratification,
they will expect that same instantaneous response
in future interaction.

just as you train yourself to avoid immediate gratification
you will have the same situation to deal with
for your clients.

The need for immediate gratification
is a curse
and is one that we should try very hard                                                                                                                        to keep under control
but we should remember that it does bring with it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            some business opportunity.



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