A mistake some affiliate marketers make.

A mistake some affiliate marketers make.

A mistake some affiliate marketers make.

I am sure you have noticed just this; the number of emails from affiliate marketers in your inbox seeking  to sell a product or service with little or no introduction. Emails that launch into a description of all the exciting and whiz bang features of the product or service and admonishing you that you should buy, buy, buy, now.

Just a little rude don’t you think?

I might have bought something similar just last week.On the other hand I may just have no interest whatsoever in the offered product or service at this time.

I don’t know about you but I expect the affiliate marketer to want to learn a little about my situation, circumstances and requirements before trying to literally force something down my throat.

I am reminded of the bible teaching that “it is more blessed to give than receive”.

That teaching should be taken to heart but sadly many affiliate marketers forget to give before getting.

Far better to offer a gift to start the relationship rather than the hard sell of a product or service.

The emphasis should be on what can be done for someone not what can be sold to them.

This is a completely different perspective and there is no shortage of on-liners looking for help, assistance and support.


Mark Suster Managing partner, Upfront ventures


says quite succinctly “give then get” and goes on to say

“The most successful relationships I have built are with people I do more for than they do for me. I give, give, give, give, give, then ask.”

Brad Feld, a managing director at Foundry Group in Boulder, Colorado


noted the following:

In order to give before you get, adopt a philosophy of helping others without an expectation of what you are going to get back. It’s not altruistic – you do expect to get things in return – but you don’t set up the relationship to be a transactional one.


Debra Ellis of Multichannel Magic


discusses the comparison of the Give and Get strategy of social media and the Give to Get strategy of direct marketing

Her view is that the direct marketing approach which includes a call to action is superior to the social media strategy of putting content out there and hoping that it brings a customer result.

I am not aware of any split testing that compares the two strategies and this is something readers will need to test for themselves.



In the world of affiliate marketers there are some interesting options. In simple terms try to sell every one that comes on your mailing list or try to understand their respective situations and aim to get into a position of being able to offer help.

A simple way of getting to build a relationship is to find ways of giving.

Affiliate marketers should remember: give before getting.

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