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Online entrepreneurs face two obstacles:
Financial challenges particularly in the early years.


When as online entrepreneurs you work at home on your own business you can’t take time out to wander into the office next door for a discussion because there probably is not an office  near by.
When you work at home as a budding online entrepreneur you usually work on your own.
This is not everybody’s cup of tea
Some of us need social contact to help us keep our mental equilibrium and to stir our creative juices.
Saying online entrepreneurship is a difficult and lonely road is an understatement. Being the founder of a business can at times seem downright impossible.
You may encounter a lot of people who poo poo your ideas.
As well when you come across the statement that 90 percent  of startups fail you may start to question your sanity in deciding to do so.
Business entrepreneurship is definitely a lonely pathway.

Financial challenges particularly in the early years.

There is a lot of hype and misinformation around overnight online entrepreneur financial success.
This is however not often the case.
It usually takes several years for online entrepreneurs to get established and for many this can be a period of considerable financial difficulty.
After weeks and weeks of steady online work and little in the way of income flowing into your account the situation can present a serious challenge.
This can be a period of great emotional stress.
If you find yourself in this stressful position there are steps that could be taken to relieve the situation.

Three Online Entrepreneur Management Solutions

1/  Visualization

Visualization is your ability to envision what the life you wish for, or the items you seek or even the money you desire looks like once it enters your life.
In other words, you picture what you’d like to happen and hold on to that picture until your life becomes the picture.
You can help this process by going after the things that you want and simply sampling them and getting a taste for them.
This can make you miss them and desire them more and will help create actions that will enable you to get the prize for example
Test drive the car that you would like.
Visit display homes of the type that you dream about.
Consistency is part of the visualization key. Practise visualising your dreams several times a day.
This will ensure your motivation continues at a high level.

2/  Review goals regularly and often.

The vision that we build and maintain needs to be broken down into a series of small achievement steps or goals.
How do we eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
How do we achieve significant goals? By breaking them down into smaller objectives that become more manageable.
These steps or goals just like the visualization process should be reviewed regularly.
A good time for this is just before going to sleep and again upon awakening in the morning.
To help stay on track it is a good practice to use a daily to do list which is best prepared as the last thing completed before retiring

3/  Maintain a positive outlook

It is your choice to maintain a positive outlook.

Don’t procrastinate. Make it a habit to just get started and the rest will follow.

Maintain a feeling of optimism and happiness and always look on the bright side.
Remember the progress principle: use small wins to ignite joy, engagement and creativity at work.
As you successfully compete tasks your feelings of optimism and happiness will rise.
To reinforce these happy feelings remember to reward yourself.
It might be to go outside and enjoy the sunshine or play with the dog.
It could be to spend some quality time with the wife or the children.
You might choose to go and check out those new clothes you have been thinking about.
As you tick things off on your to do list give yourself a reward commensurate with the achievement
If you have worked to achieve a goal self reward becomes a powerful motivator.
To further help maintain a positive outlook surround yourself with people you want to emulate.
It then becomes far less demanding to do what you should be doing.
This contact might be in person or it might be on line; the peer impact will be similar.


If you choose to travel the online entrepreneurship home business path you may encounter two distinct obstacles:

# Loneliness                                                                                                                                                   # Financial challenges, particularly in the early years.

Three solutions have been offered:

# Visualization

# Review goals often and regularly.

# Maintain a positive mental outlook.

If you do these three things you will conquer the obstacles discussed and improve your chances to experience success as an online entrepreneur


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