People Management

People Management

People management is an important part of a successful affiliate marketing business.

Online affiliate marketing people management involves

#1/ being able to attract others to the businesses that are being promoted.

#2/ being able to help others grow.

In doing this there are three vital issues that don’t get discussed but that should get our attention

1/ Promote the why for effective people management

People need to know why they are engaged in an activity before they get down to the nitty gritty of the how.

The why springs from our imagination, becomes part of our belief system
and then equals our possibility

It is the why that provides the motivation to keep pressing forward when the going gets tough— not the how.

We need a clear vision of why we are going to do something for our own purposes and if we wish to build a team then we need the ability to inspire others with our why.

Much of the material we see on the internet wants to tell us about the product, its features and how it works and rarely promotes the why which is the most important aspect of people management.

If you can develop the ability to channel the why you have climbed the first rung of the people management success ladder.

In an article in Forbes

Alex McClafferty says “sure, you need to explain what needs to be done and provide guidance on how to do it. But the most important goal is to gain buy-in from your team.

You achieve it by outlining “why” something is important. A project, that can easily drag on for weeks, can be finished in hours by a motivated staff member.

2/ Develop and promote strong values

A group of people who wish to achieve productive growth need to have a strong base of core values to guide their group activities.

The affiliate business man needs to know what he stands for and be sure he adheres to his principles as these will shine through in his relationships with
associated team members.

It should be recognized that like attracts like in the field of personal relationships so we should be clear on our values and principles and aim to attract like minded people into our teams.

Personal values are the bedrock of our businesses and will govern our thinking and activities and will dictate the actions of our teams of affiliates

Our last people management tip is to

3/ Maintain focus

There are distractions around us everywhere.

These distractions affect us and the people we seek to engage.

It is important in the world of on line marketing people management and team building that the business owner learn to manage these distractions and to not lose focus.

The team’s success is dependent on its leader not losing focus and being able to encourage that focus in team members.

The defining contribution of great people management is the ability to boost the engagement levels of the people they work with

This is explored in an article in the Harvard Business Review

Great people managers boost the engagement levels of the people they work with.

According to Gallup research, only 28% of U.S. employees are engaged, or are actively pursuing top performance on behalf of their organizations.

Gallup studies show that this has a direct impact on the bottom line. Engaged workers lead to engaged customers, who in turn drive a company’s growth, long term profitability, and stock price.

To achieve this it is necessary to avoid distractions and maintain intense focus.


Affiliate marketing is a people business that depends on sound people management.

There are three things that are not often disclosed as being necessary when entering affiliate marketing businesses.

The need to :
Strongly and continually promote the why
Develop and promote strong values
Maintain focus no matter what the distractions.

Do these things and you are on the path to successful people management.

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