Focused concentration yields increased productivity.

Focused concentration

Focused concentration  yields increased productivity. It is something we all want. It  is achievable if we follow some simple guidelines.

Outstanding sports people have the capacity to apply extremely focused concentration to the task at hand.

This is also true of many professionals in their chosen fields… think surgeons,barristers, racing car drivers etc


Working with focused concentration

.It has been adopted by  groups in Sweden  who are known as Hoffice workers. The name is a contraction of home office.  This is discussed here

Their aim is to help home office workers bring rigor and productivity to to the concept of home based co-working spaces.

The conception grew out of an idea to form a groups of about a dozen home office workers. This dozen or so people agreed to throw open their homes as communal offices.

The idea is discussed here  :

Hoffice is a Swedish concept where you work at others’ homes, together with others. It is always free. In return, participants support one another with both company and discipline: Work sessions are clocked and interrupted with a break activity.

Everyone tells out loud what they aim to do before each session, and afterwords what they actually achieved.

Lunch time is fixed jointly –”I have cleared in the fridge so you can store your lunch boxes”

There is a Hoffice event somewhere in Stockholm several times a week.


Focused concentration work periods.

In the Hoffice group participants work in 45-minute shifts, based on research suggesting people can’t concentrate for more than 40 minutes at a time. When the shift ends, an alarm clock buzzes, and the group takes a short break to exercise or meditate. Before starting again, everyone explains what they hope to get done, to add a little social pressure to actually accomplish ….

Note these steps

  • . Time per shift: 45 minutes, no one can concentrate for more than 40 minutes at a time. Some extra start up time cost has been allowed per session.People not ready to break when the alarm clock rings make a sign and will not participate in the break activities.
  • Concentration: Mindfulness and physical activity increases the ability to focus. Each activity plays an important part. Participants agree jointly what kind of activity they want to choose each time.
  • Social accountability: Planning what one wishes to reach in the next 45 minutes  and during a full day is an important step. Saying it out loud before each session increases the chance of actually gets things done. In some Hoffice events the group will applause when someone has completed a task.
  • Time span: It is difficult to estimate how long time a task will take, even though it is one’s own ideas and plans. Telling everyone after the session what you really got done creates a feedback loop – a way of learning about time consumption from one’s own work processes.

Focused concentration increased productivity  conclusion

This is achieved as a result  maximizing productivity by limiting work periods of 45 minutes of highly focused concentration, then taking a 10 minute  break to either exercise or meditate and then commencing a new work period. This is a very simple process to nurture  an increase in productivity. Anyone or any group could carry this out.



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