Sales Philosophy: do you need one?

Sales Philosophy
We need a sound sales philosophy if we wish to excel in the sales marketplace.
Philosophy is defined in
as the study of proper behavior, and the search for wisdom.
Sales philosophy is all about having a clear understanding of proper behaviour and wisdom as it relates to making sales.
The  underpinning of a sound sales philosophy should be
the intention to help someone get what they want.
This should be guided by integrity and the desire to ensure a fair exchange of value.
You should explore the clients’ needs and help them get what they want.
Your over riding objective should be to  help the customer make a good buying decision,
It will be necessary to proactively put your self in a position to explore opportunities with others, bring new ideas to the table and create new possibilities.
Consumers don’t make choices as much as they react
and respond to the inputs and assumptions they have
about the marketplace, their life and your brand
Please take a few minutes to read the “A Timeless 5 Step Sales Philosophy From Mark Twain” written in 1865 by Mark Twain
You might like to ask yourself :
⦁ Do you have a passion for sales?
⦁ Do you believe in your product?
⦁ Are you building relationships?
⦁ Are you developing testimonials and referrals?
⦁ Are you presenting yourself professionally?
A carefully thought through and documented  philosophy will result in the following:

A Sales Philosophy that provides a moral compass.

A robust sales philosophy that has been comprehensively  planned will undoubtedly act as a compass in times of moral challenge.
All businesses encounter times of moral dilemma from time to time and the sales philosophy document should contain the basis for making decisions.
It should recognize that honesty is always the best policy.
It will further underline the fact that the customers best interest should always be paramount.

A Sales Philosophy that gives a sense of direction

If a clear moral stance is in place it will enable an unwavering sense of direction to be followed no matter the opportunities to waver that arise
There will be no place for equivocation.
That direction will always be in pursuit of value for the client

A Sales Philosophy  that offers emotional support

The ups and downs of professional life are held in check if a sales person can fall back on a well constructed and documented sales philosophy.
We all need emotional support from time to time and when that situation occurs it is a great help to be able to refer to thoughts that have been collected in relation to that particular problem.


In the enthusiasm and haste of making sales the need for crafting and documenting a sales philosophy is often put to one side.
I would encourage all salesmen to take a step back and think about and record their sales philosophy.
This should ensure the provision of
#   a moral compass
#   a sense of direction
#  A document that provides emotional support
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