A Remarkable Instrument: the subconscious.

Remarkable Instrument

A remarkable instrument – the subconscious. This  is important to understand if we wish to get the best performance out of ourselves. As a result we should know that we can use our conscious mind to help us re-program the subconscious. In this way we can bring about what we wish in our lives if we learn how to proceed. We should learn about brain and then we would discover something. The subconscious is a remarkable instrument.

Learning about our subconscious – a remarkable instrument.

An article in www.learning at   http://www.learning-mind.com/your-subconscious-mind-can-do-anything-how-to-use-its-power/ tells us what most already know  that it is always “on”. That is, it is active day and night, regardless of what you are doing.

The subconscious mind controls your body. You cannot hear this silent inner process with your conscious effort.

As a result it is important to learn how to train the subconscious

How did our brain develop?

Dr. Paul MacLean is Chief of the Laboratory of Brain Research and Behavior, National Institute of Mental Health was quoted in an article by Harry W. Carpenter in “The Genie Within http://www.thegeniewithin.com/lesson-2 .
Dr. MacLean is quoted as saying that the brain is based on three stages of evolution, Reptilian, then Mammalian and finally Cortex.
This is known as the Triune Model.
Each stage represents a different type of mentality geared to the needs that prevailed at the time. Each is a separate computer with its own special intelligence, subjectivity, sense of time and space, and memory.
He says that for our purposes, it is convenient to combine the first two parts. These are by far the oldest parts (the reptilian and mammalian parts) and might be called the subconscious mind.

The Triune Model: three stages of development.



There is a quote by Dr. Maclean. He said, “The first stage of the brain evolved 250 million years ago. This development is called the “reptilian brain,” or the “brain stem.” It stopped changing 250 million years ago. It follows that  the reptilian brain in man is essentially the same as in all reptiles.

The reptilian brain evolved for survival. It controls basic functions necessary for life, including heart rate, breathing, fighting, fleeing, feeding, and reproduction. It has no feelings”. It follows that the subconscious is a remarkable instrument.


Dr MacLean suggests that the mammalian brain evolved about 50 million years ago. It follows that the mammalian brain in man is  essentially the same as in all mammals. This part of the brain contains feelings and emotions. It is playful and the source of maternal care. Mammals tend to their young; reptiles usually do not”


Dr. MacLean tells us the third stage of development is the “cortex.” It is the conscious part of the mind. According to Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist, it is about 40,000 years old and is still evolving.  The conscious mind  does not begin to develop until about age three. The conscious mind  is not fully developed until about 20 years of age.

In contrast to the subconscious mind, which evolves its value system through emotions, the conscious mind evolves its value system through rational interpretation of experience.

Three brains: vast differences

The three brains have vast differences. As a result the three brains are often dissociated.

Harry W. Carpenter says that  Ken Keys stated  “ our cerebral cortex has more processing capacity than any computer ever built. The new brain has no wiring to the old brain . As a result the new brain has no monitoring feedback, and control circuits  that we need for optimal functioning.

.It seems the new brain, the conscious mind, will analyze problems and come up with rational solutions. The old brain does not contribute to these rational solutions.The subconscious mind  is governed by non-rational feeling.

Poor communication between the old and new brains creates problems in everyday life. It seems the thinking brain’s control systems bypass the old brain.  Intense emotions that have been bottled up in the unconscious for decades may influence outcomes.As a result it often makes mountains out of molehills.

The new brain, operating in present time, realizes that the person has strength, competence, and self-worth, yet the unconscious continues to trigger ineffective, inappropriate responses to life’s challenges based on negative childhood programming.”

The Subconscious Conclusion.

We should understand that we have three brains, the reptilian, the mammalian and the cortex. They are vastly different and often dissociated. It is convenient to combine the first two and recognize them as the subconscious.We have the capacity to change the early stage programming of the subconscious by using the conscious ( cortex) brain. It is our responsibility to mold our subconscious to mirror the person we wish to be. If we can do that it follows then that the subconscious is a remarkable instrument.

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