You Need To Find Your Scene For Success

Find your scene for success


To find your scene for success you will be looking for a place, people, and a specific shared purpose. Initially, you need to be aware of why you should do this. Next, you should understand your options. Open your mind to how to find your scene. Consider that helping others has great two-way benefit. Finally, you may find that leadership plays an important role.

Why It Is Necessary To Find Your Scene For Success.

You should accept that you can’t possibly do it all by yourself. In a Harvard Business Review article, Ron Ashkenas compares this attitude to that of his then three-year-old grandson trying to do up the buttons on his shirt. He says, “It’s easy to smile at a three-year-old who refuses to ask for help. But how do we deal with colleagues who exhibit the same behavior?

He says, “Working in isolation just does not work”.

There are times when you just need to reach out to for help. To have someone show the way. To reveal the way past what seem to be insurmountable obstacles.

More importantly, there are the times when we are just crying out for encouragement. Because when things just do not seem to work it is wonderful to have a sympathetic and understanding shoulder for support’

Yet again, it is an extreme advantage to find someone who will hold us accountable. Who will work with us to hold us to our goals and strategy.

Consequently, it is our imperative to find our scene.

Where To Find Your Scene 

Jeff Goins writer discusses this very succinctly

https://www.goins writer/rule-scene/

Option 1/  Be like Hemingway. Observe where the creative action is taking place. Now, simply move to be part of that scene.

Create one. Be like the Bronte sisters. Because they lived largely in isolation they created their own scene. They went on to become significant literary figures.

The importance of community is not only applicable to creatives. One only has to think of Silicon Valley and the importance this community plays in helping bring forward new IT ideas and technology.

Therefore, for our own success, we need to find or create our own scene.

How To Find Your Scene For Success.

In this present digital day and age, it is a lot easier than it has been in the pre-digital past. Some time spent on your computer will help you find the place of an existing group. On the other hand, you can be led to people with similar views. These could be the start of your own group.

Find your scene for success

Find your scene for success

Help Others.

Becky Raymond in an article in Microgiving says,” You should seek to help others in your scene because it has a profound rippling effect”.

“You never know how your single act of kindness could change a life”

“Helping others enables you to facilitate strong encouragement”.

“In addition, it sets a positive and powerful tone for the day”.

“Lastly, It can really uplift a person when they are experiencing a rough time.

It makes sense, therefore, to grow your scene by providing help to other members.

Become Your Scene Leader .

If you choose to create you join your scene it may be because you seek personal growth. However, you may find that your scene needs a leader.

When you become a leader success is all about growing others.

Tonya Love integration and operations executive at Xerox Services says,” Great leaders don’t just lead; they serve.”

The challenge for a scene leader is to relate closely with other scene members. Get to know their dreams, ambitions, and goals.

When you tap into people’s core drive and interests you unleash outstanding energy and enthusiasm.

Conclusion To Find Your  Scene For Success.

To find our scene for success will be necessary because going it alone is highly improbable. The support and encouragement of others really help when the going gets tough. We need to find someone to help keep us accountable to our goals.

We do all this by either joining or creating a scene.

Our scene can be found or created by sustained activity on the internet.

To build trust and rapport with other scene members you will need to find ways to be of help.

If we establish our own scene we will probably need to step up to the leadership plate.

If you are successfully able to find your scene for success you will reap much personal and business advantage.






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